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If you need someone to write compelling content, I offer the experience, creativity, and knowledge to deliver passionate content with impact.

Whether it is to supplement your existing writing resources, or to become your primary writing asset, I can deliver the message you are trying to convey in a succinct, intelligent manner with high appeal to your target audience.

I have a passion for writing and believe the written word has the power of influence.  I adapt quickly to most writing styles and have a very vivid visual mind for multi-media projects.  I understand cadence and body language and adjust dialogue to the presenter or performer, making the words more believable and for better delivery.

My mind is very logical, so the content is delivered in proper order, and includes the nuances that help the reader, listener, or viewer to follow the flow of the material for better comprehension and retention.

My background is very diverse and I have had the good fortune to have worked on a wide variety of projects allowing me to learn many technical and business disciplines with budgets ranging from measly to extremely well funded.  

I meld my strong technical background with a creative flair to deliver materials that retain the audience and deliver the message.  It also means that I can communicate effectively with all levels of personnel and speak in their lexicon.

I am a quick learn and research extensively.  I am not phased by changes that may occur due to creative or logistical requirements.  I do not shy away from criticism, and will adjust my text or concept at your request, for I believe the client always has the final say.  I am easy going and respect boundaries, and do not challenge my client on issues, but instead write materials that meet or exceed the criteria.  

I can deliver successful content for you, and rather than rely on past accomplishments as justification for my selection I believe I should prove my capabilities.  I am so confident of my skills that I will prepare and present a sampling for your specific project, on a spec basis for most writing categories, and if you approve of the materials, only then would I be retained, and the assignment completed.  This confirms you are getting my work, not writings plagiarized from other people.

If you have an immediate need, please call 818-558-3705 or email me at wayneweb@waynenorman.net